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Sender: Vittoria | Time:  24-09-2015 16:39:34
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I'm decorating my new apartment and thinking to add a carpet in the living room. I'm a bit confused which will suit the white walls of my home and wonder where I can find it in Hanoi. Can you recommend some addresses? My budget for this is not so big, so the carpet should be affordable. Thank you.

Sender: Dorothy | Time:  23-05-2015 09:53:25
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We want to sell our home to come back our hometown. I think one bedroom and two bathrooms need some updates. But we don't have enough money to do all of the work. Would you suggest doing one over the other. Bedroom or two bathrooms? Which can better attract buyers?

Sender: CC | Time:  25-04-2015 09:36:22
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I would like to redo certain rooms in my home but there is a chance we will sell in the next two to four years. Are there certain things that I should make more neutral to attract future buyers or should I make it my style?