• 13:53 19/11/2019
    The Law on Housing of Vietnam allows foreigners to purchase Vietnam property but with strict conditions and procedures as listed in the following infographic.
  • 19:49 25/10/2019
    Condo projects are now mushrooming across the country, becoming the favorite choice of most urban residents. However, to choose the right one which will make you satisfy, you need to find answers to the following 20 questions.
  • 16:14 11/10/2019
    [Having appointment with real estate experts #3] “Innominate Terms are considered the most important ones in a house purchase & sale agreement. It is recommended that homebuyers, especially first-time buyers, should choose reputable developers.”
  • 09:02 27/09/2019
    To save money, time, or both, many buyers choose pre-existing homes. However, before signing a sales and purchase contract, you must be careful with the following signs of the wrong home to buy.
  • 15:15 23/09/2019
    Buying a new home is not always easy, especially when you have kids to consider. Here are 5 tips to choose the most suitable home for your kids.
  • 16:48 11/09/2019
    Buying a home always need time and effort. Many home buyers can not manage a series of buying steps themselves, so hiring real estate agents to finish the deal quickly and more effectively is a smart decision. If you are still considering whether you should hire an agent or not, the following infographic will show you the benefits of buying a home with an agent:
  • 17:40 04/09/2019
    If you do not want to pay appraisal fee to the third party nor incur losses, here are 4 ways to determine value of a property yourself before entering a transaction.
  • 09:27 29/08/2019
    As home sellers commonly propose to state a lower price in the sale contract than the actual transaction value, home buyers have to bear additional risks from such real estate transactions.
  • 17:33 27/08/2019
    For those who have a limited budget, a bank loan is the perfect financial solution to buy a home. To choose the right bank, here are 5 things you should consider.
  • 09:53 22/08/2019
    Many people have headaches considering landed house or condominium (condo) for their accommodation choice. By analyzing the pros and cons of each of these types, the infographic below will help you make the right choice.
  • 17:02 08/08/2019
    The 7th Lunar month, known as the Ghost month in traditional beliefs, may not be the best time to purchase a new home. However, with the change of home buyer’s perspective on the matter in recent years and various incentives programs offered, more and more people are buying homes at this time of the year.y home in Ghost Month?
  • 11:51 06/08/2019
    Condo is currently the top trend among single-family home buyers as it is a good way to own a home without breaking budget, in addition to various utilities a condo could bring to its owner. For a first-time home buyer, here are 8 things to consider before purchasing a condo if you don't want to regret it later.
  • 18:06 30/07/2019
    Due to the lack of regulation and sanctions, home buyers has to bear higher risk from property deposits, especially for land with land with high value.
  • 12:12 30/07/2019
    Negotiating isn’t that dissimilar from playing a game – it involves reading your opponent, strategizing, and then striking.
  • 09:18 22/05/2019
    In addition to price and legality, location with weather condition is also a very important factor to consider when buying real estate. The rainy season is beginning in Vietnam’s Southern region, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Expert says this is an appropriate time for home buyers to learn about the location of the homes they are interested in.
  • 16:37 14/05/2019
    If you’re excited and in good shape to buy a home, self-made millionaire Barbara Corcoran says these are the five steps for you to take.
  • 17:05 24/04/2019
    When it comes to buying a home, many people may not be able to tick all the boxes on the wishlist, so they settle on what fits close to what they believe is an ideal home.
  • 16:25 24/04/2019
    According to American financial expert Dani Pascarella, if any of the three scenarios below apply to you, it’s very likely that home ownership will make your life a lot more stressful than happy.
  • 09:11 22/04/2019
    There are some signs that can help you determine whether you are paying too much for the house you want to buy.
  • 15:31 23/02/2019
    Nguyen Tran Nam, former Deputy Minister of Construction, also President of the Vietnam Real Estate Association (VNREA) says in comparison to buying, renting a home is a better solution for young Vietnamese.