"Golden" tips for young couples looking for a home
30/11/2018 10:27 | Source: Tri thuc tre
To make the dream of settling down in a prosperous city come true, young couples, especially ones with limited budgets, need to prepare the right steps to get your home sweet home.

1. Choose a home that matches your budget

When your financial budget is still low, you should find a small home that can be a little far away from the center, rather than wait and save money for your dream home.

Owning a beautiful, luxurious, well-located place home is a dream of many people. But remember that this is not the right time to make your dream come true. And if you try to wait until your budget fits your dream home, do you know how long it will last? Moreover, the longer you wait, the more money you have to pay for renting an accommodation. Life in a rental home is very inconvenient. When you have children, the cost of electricity and water is also 3-4 times more expensive.

Therefore, just find a home that is suitable for your budget. It may be small, a little far away from the center but it is yours. You and your spouse can concentrate in your business and save money for your dream home someday. 

"Golden" tips for young couples looking for home

2. Find home in right way

If you want to quickly own a suitable home, searching is mandatory. Finding property listings on the Internet is not very difficult. You can easily research the general market, then zone the area you want to buy home, etc. You’d better also find help, advice from your friends, relatives or come to the listed home to talk directly with the owner.  

It takes time, but it helps you find a home listed by owner and know its current status, living environment, population situation, price and even more choices... If you want to buy an apartment, it is very important to find out information about the project, developer, technical infrastructure system, utility services, parking, etc.

3. Get the best loan

If your accumulated amount plus the amount borrowed from relatives and friends is still not enough, then you can learn about bank's preferential policies for homebuyers. However, you should only select a reputable bank and your loan amount should not exceed 30% of the home value to avoid high financial pressure.

4. Check the legality 

Before buying a home, you should check the house’s legal status, ownership certificate and other legal documents as well as the status of planning, mortgage.

In addition, you should also thoroughly understand the surrounding population, transport infrastructure, even the Feng shui aspect to ensure that you get a nice home which is cool in summer, warm in winter.