5 "golden" rules for buying a condo
29/09/2018 16:50 | Source:
Many people nowadays prefer condominiums to landed houses because of advantages such as available infrastructure and affordable prices. However, before buying a condo, have you ever heard the five golden rules to avoid unnecessary obstacles later?

Know your budget

Of course, you need money to put your legs on the property ladder. Before you decide to buy a condo, the first thing you have to know is your financial ability. You must determine how much money you have and choose which apartment that suits your budget.

In addition to your own income, you can also mobilize more from your family, friends or get a loan from bank. Currently, many apartment developers support bank loan services with low interest rates, making it easier for customers to buy a home. However, you need to determine the payments, both principal and interest each month to prepare the appropriate financing.

5 "golden" rules for buying a condominium

Learn about your potential condo

For buying a condo, the knowledge on some information such as developer’s prestige and capacity, investment and construction license of the project and so on is extremely necessary. You’d better choose reputable developers whose projects have been tested and well reviewed by many buyers. 

In addition, quality of the works, construction or some related legal documents are also essential issues you should consider to avoid future risks or disputes.

Choose a favorable location 

Another important note when buying a condo is its location. You must know that location of a condo project affects its price, residents’ convenience when studying, working and living in the condo. You can decorate to make your home more beautiful, but if its location is bad, you have no choice but selling it and moving to another.  

Consider parking lot

Recently, the media has reported a lot of disputes between condo buyers and developers on parking fees. To avoid this, you need to spend time researching the contract and discussing it with the developer.

Fire alarm and security system

In fact, there have been tragic fire cases at condo buildings. No one can forecast all the uncertainties, so all of us need to be well-prepared. You need to ask about the fire protection system in the building and find out whether it is in good condition.

Moreover, the security system for the building, CCTV, check in and out... should also be placed as top priority.