5 things people with kids should consider before home purchase
23/09/2019 15:15 | Source: TC Thanh nien
Buying a new home is not always easy, especially when you have kids to consider. Here are 5 tips to choose the most suitable home for your kids.

1. Schools, playgrounds, and other facilities

You and your partner would prefer a home near the workplace, however, your priority might change if you have kids. For instance, parents would rather choose a home near schools so that they can save up time and effort in driving their kids to school every day. And when the child is a bit older, a short walk to school is a great morning exercise as well as a lesson of independence.

Tips for home buyers with kids
Home buyers with children prefer properties near schools

Besides, schools are a part of an overall infrastructure, which consists of hospitals, education centres, playgrounds, stores, etc. Buying a home near schools means you can enjoy these facilities right at your doorstep, as well as the great opportunity for your children to make friends and learn. 

2. Green and unpolluted environment

The surrounding environment is a long-term factor that affects the quality of life and the health of families, especially young children. Houses in urban areas along big rivers or lakes are often appreciated because the air in these areas is normally fresher and cooler. Properties near parks are also a good option because there are lots of trees planted, creating the perfect playground for children.

On the other hand, the home that near industrial zones (sources of emission and noise pollution) cemetery (water pollution), or trash disposal area (sanity and health problems) is not a good living environment for children.

Construction density is also a top criterion in buying a house or an apartment. The area with high construction density is more likely to pollute.

3. Friendly neighbor

Children learn from their surroundings, like parents, friends, or neighbors. A friendly, civilized neighborhood will be a strong foundation for your kids to develop comprehensively as well as avoid negative influences. Therefore, it is important to truly know your neighbors before moving in.

4. Safety system for windows and balconies

It is nearly impossible to make a child sit still for a minute. Children are active and curious about the surrounding world, thus, they might unintentionally put themselves in danger. Balconies and windows are the “danger zones” for kids. Make sure that the house you’re going to buy has a protection system for these areas so then your child can explore the house freely without danger.

You should also pay attention to the kitchen area with fire and sharp objects, thus, consider having a built-in stove that is environment-friendly.

Tips for home buyers with kids
Safety system is a “must” for families with kids

5. Security and fire protection system

If you and your family are about to buy a condominium, it is necessary to check whether the building has a proper fire protection system. Also, you need to learn about the building's security system, consider security cameras, guards, and access requirements, to ensure maximum safety for your children.