5 tips for buying home during rainy season
22/05/2019 09:18 | Source: Dantri
In addition to price and legality, location with weather condition is also a very important factor to consider when buying real estate. The rainy season is beginning in Vietnam’s Southern region, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. Expert says this is an appropriate time for home buyers to learn about the location of the homes they are interested in.

Personal real estate expert Phan Cong Chanh has shared 5 tips for real estate buyers in the rainy season as follows:

buying home during rainy season

Firstly, update information on heavily-flooded roads usually. This is very helpful when you decide to buy a home in the rainy season.

Secondly, arrange a visit to your targeted home during the time of high tide or right after it stops raining. This will help home buyers know whether the property is flooded or not.

Thirdly, ask neighbors whether the house is flooded during the rainy season. This can be done even when you visit the house during the dry season. Information from people living in the neighborhood will be very helpful for your buying decision.

Fourthly, check footer of walls of the houses in the targeted neighborhood. In an area that is permanently flooded, you can find moss and other sign that is difficult to hide. Just by taking a closer look, home buyers will avoid future troubles.

Fifthly, pay attention to base of the neighborhood when you go to visit the home. In many cases, if there are many different high and low groundfloors, the neighborhood is likely to be flooded. 

In the process of seeking a home, do not ignore any details, even the smallest, and do not hesitate to see many different houses to find the best living space.