How to Negotiate Home Inspection Repairs with Seller
18/03/2015 17:08 | Source:
When your dream home requires some repairs, should you ask the seller to take care of them or do it yourself?

Finally, you find out your dream home among many listings on Internet and magazines. However, you think it needs some repairs to be perfect. If you have no plan of doing it yourself, think of negotiating home inspection repairs. It is always dicey job. So you need to be well prepared before mentioning your request. Whether the home repairs are big or small, there are simple ways to negotiate home inspection repairs for you.

When the house inspection is complete and you have a list of necessary repairs, discuss them with the seller. You can ask he/she to take on the task of completing them before completing the transaction.

Normally, if something needs replacing, the seller would be motivated to care of it and complete the sale. The best way is that you would ask the home seller to take care of repairs that would otherwise require an expert to do it. By this way, you will get a ready-to-move-in home and there will be no need for negotiating home inspection repairs with a dollar amount. It is really an ideal deal. 

However, unfortunately, sellers often want to unload the property and aren’t interested in completing repairs on the home before handing it over to the homebuyer. They always want to minimize the cost to save for their new home. And now the advantage here is that you can get an estimate for the required repairs and work on negotiating home inspection repairs via the asking price of the house. Then ask the seller to reduce the price as a fee for repairing the house. 

In this case, the key issue with this way could possibly be that there is a risk that the cost of the repairs may end up being higher than originally estimated one. If necessary, point out certain repairs to the seller so that they can see that you are reasonable about the transaction. Home sales are always negotiable, so you can haggle over the price and refuse to go through with the sale if the seller refuses to offer a discount for you.