Important considerations when choosing apartments
13/08/2015 16:00 | Source: CafeLand
In recent time, home buyers are more and more interested in apartments as a popular trend of modern life. Except for prices, the bullet points below below are very important in selecting an apartment to buy.

- Select projects developed by reputable firms. You should choose developers who spend more land for public services, landscaping and greenery at their earlier projects. Their financial strength, experience and professional management are all more favorable for your future home.

- Contracts and other legal documents must be clear and lawful. 

- Apartment projects with Board of Management established by residents themselves will offer services with lower costs.

- A complex with various blocks of apartments is usually better than a single block. You can benefit from many public spaces and services such as schools, supermarkets, hospitals and entertainment centers.

- Choose projects with large basements for easy and convenient parking. 

- Don’t find your future home in projects located near main roads, overpasses, public recreation parks to avoid noise, dust and vibration.  

- Choose blocks with large corridors for easy movement and at least two escape staircases (inside and outside) for emergency cases. 

- Notice the quantity and quality of elevator system 

- Choose blocks that are close to swimming pool, internal park and have supermarket on ground floor for convenient shopping.  

- Research on management fee, service fee and other charges, if any.    

- Join groups, associations of residents in real life and social networks before signing the sale contract. Try to know more about your future neighbors. 

- Choose apartments located from 8th floor to 16th floor. It is the ideal height to get fresh air, avoid dust and also easy to escape in emergency cases. Prioritize corner apartments with windows available in all rooms, avoid sealed units.