Just ignore these 9 things when hunting a home
30/11/2018 10:26 | Source: Vnexpress
When you consider a potential home to buy, beautiful and eye-catching decoration may make you forget what really matters. Here are 9 things you should ignore to focus on more important issues.


Always remember that the inner beauty is important, especially the home’s flooring. If the existing carpet needs a refresh, find out what’s underneath. Generally, hardwood floors are resale gold: they are authentic and add contrast and depth to rooms.

Behind the nice wallpaper layer with eye-catching patterns is probably a degraded wall. Therefore, you should pay attention to the architecture instead of paper patterns.

Smart staging

Many sellers know how to improve values of their homes by arranging furniture in very skillful ways. Although the decoration is eye catching and makes a good impression, it doesn’t mean you will feel satisfied when living in the home.  Just filter out the lovely rugs or beautifully pristine nursery like this jaw-dropper, and recognize that’s probably not the way it looks every day.


Ignore these 9 things when hunting a home

You can’t buy a house just because you like the lush garden in front of it. If you see a sparse garden, don’t worry. You can completely improve once you move in the house.


If clutter stresses you out, don’t forget that the homeowners will be taking their belongings with them. In stead of caring about them, you should consider the home to decide whether the space is spacious enough to organize your things once you move in?


Lighting can be replaced. Therefore, what’s more important is the amount of natural light in the home. To check this, you should come to see the home at different times of the day. Repainting walls or repairing floor is not as expensive as adding or modifying existing windows. 


Don’t be spooked by colors that would make a highlighter look tame. When it comes to the key selling points of a home, existing paint color doesn’t even factor into the list. You’ll probably want to repaint anyway to put your own stamp on your new home.

Sink fixtures

You wanted brass taps in the bathroom, but all you see is nickel for days? Just ignore this! A new finish can also go a long way to updating a room: here a matte black fixture is a fresh partner for a contemporary vanity.

Color of cabinets

The color of the kitchen cabinet or bathroom can be changed easily. So don’t be distracted and miss the chance to get a nice home just if you don’t like these colors.