Landed house vs Condominium – Which one is suitable for you?
22/08/2019 09:53 | Source:
Many people have headaches considering landed house or condominium (condo) for their accommodation choice. By analyzing the pros and cons of each of these types, the infographic below will help you make the right choice.

What is your favorite living space? A comfortable and cozy two-storey townhouse, or a condo with various interior-exterior facilities? The selection depends on your budget as well as preferences. However, by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each type listed in the infographic by, you will find the right choice!

House vs. condo

In addition to the above criteria, there are some other things to keep in mind before deciding to buy a house or condo.

Firstly, depending on whether you live alone or with family and friends, you will need different living spaces. For example, large families need a house with many private rooms, while people living alone may need only a small, beautiful condo with enough facilities. Just balance this matter with your existing budget, then you can make the most suitable choice.

Regarding location, you need to consider whether the house or condo’s location is close to necessary facilities such as markets, schools, or your workplaces. Remember to observe the traffic volume, especially at peak hours to know if there is a congestion or not. 

In terms of living space, you need to pay attention to issues such as environment, community. If you are married and have kids, make sure that the house you choose does not negatively affect your kids' development.