• 09:52 24/10/2017
    When it rains heavily or high tides occur, houses are vulnerable and naturally disclosure their weaknesses. It is a good chance for home buyers to negotiate the asking prices.
  • 17:05 06/09/2017
    In today’s world, people are heavily reliant on technology because it provides convenience and enhances productivity.
  • 15:56 27/08/2016
    Compared to normal units, most of apartments at the corners of floor have higher liquidity. Thanks to advantages in ventilation, light and view, these corner units are preferred by home buyers. However, they still has some drawbacks.
  • 17:21 04/02/2016
    Although the Housing Law of 2014 created favorable conditions for foreigners to own houses here, buying a home is still no easy matter for foreigners given the legal complexity of the real estate sector in Vietnam.
  • 16:04 21/09/2015
    After the amended Housing Law allowing foreigners and overseas Vietnamese (also known as Viet Kieu) to buy property in Vietnam took effect in July, many Viet Kieu are optimistic about buying in homeland. To make the purchase smooth and less stressful, Viet Kieu should have a careful preparation.
  • 16:00 13/08/2015
    In recent time, home buyers are more and more interested in apartments as a popular trend of modern life. Except for prices, the bullet points below below are very important in selecting an apartment to buy.
  • 16:54 19/05/2015
    Generally, realtors do a good job at helping you buy and sell houses quickly. However, sometimes they are also geniuses at squeezing every possible money from you or making you settle for the sale that is best for them, not you.
  • 15:28 13/05/2015
    Spending just 30 minutes viewing a property that is going to be your home for many years? In fact, some home buyers do and live to regret it.
  • 15:41 14/04/2015
    Buying a home is a huge financial decision. There are so many things to think about so it can be difficult to know where to start. We introduce you a brief timeline of a property purchase.
  • 17:58 26/03/2015
    Whether you are renovating or building up a property from scratch, buying land is a great investment. You need to take special considerations into your future deal. We suggest five things to look for when you buy a plot of land.
  • 17:08 18/03/2015
    When your dream home requires some repairs, should you ask the seller to take care of them or do it yourself?
  • 09:27 27/02/2015
    Older, historic homes are often oozing with character. But how do you know if owning one of them is right for you?
  • 17:13 28/01/2015
    During my research of buying my first home, I learned a lot. But mostly it is the stuff I missed and didn’t expect in home buying process. These are the five biggest ones.
  • 17:12 23/01/2015
    First-time home buyers almost always make a few mistakes when buying their home.
  • 15:19 21/01/2015
    For years, savvy property investors have found bargains in auction houses, where a vast range of buildings, from period houses in need of renovation to empty garages are on offer to the highest bidder. Here are the top 5 tips from the experts.
  • 11:19 17/01/2015
    Many nice houses are sold before they even reach the market. Even if it is on the market, you need to ensure you are more attractive to sellers than other home buyers.
  • 11:38 07/01/2015
    Purchasing a property may well be the biggest financial commitment you will make in your entire life. Strong negotiating skills may help in securing a property at a lower price, which will not only save you money upfront but future interest payments as well.
  • 15:34 29/12/2014
    Buying the first house is perhaps the biggest decision for young married couple. It's also a decision that has to be financially prudent because one wrong step and you might be saddled with a huge debt and an illiquid asset.
  • 09:53 25/12/2014
    If you intend to get home loan from the bank, there are 6 helpful tips below to make your transaction go smoothly and quickly
  • 15:21 18/12/2014
    The first thing you need to determine is what your long-term goals are and then how home ownership fits in with those plans. Here are five questions to ask yourself: