• 15:50 05/12/2014
    Recently, low-cost house market is booming. Therefore, people those are seeking for a low-cost house should carefully consider specific and reasonable criteria before deciding to buy one.
  • 09:17 04/12/2014
    Whether you dream of purchasing a Tuscan-style Italian villa or a French chateau, you will find the devil is in far more of the details than just the home’s architecture. Here are tips to keep in mind when purchasing luxury property.
  • 15:39 16/09/2014
    Still looking for that elusive, luxurious big-city home? There is quite a few of the qualities I urge high-end property buyers to focus on. Here’s my list:
  • 17:46 11/09/2014
    After years of working we are having a saving to buy a house. However, lawsuits are taking more and more often and hard to be solved.
  • 17:21 04/09/2014
    A lot of couple think that they should follow the settling down – getting married – buying a house and having a baby process. However, it takes time to get a place to live that way
  • 10:14 23/11/2013
    Think you're ready to take the plunge? Following these steps first will help ensure you're making the right decision.
  • 10:30 15/11/2013
    You're dreaming of a big house on the waterfront, but does it really fit your lifestyle? Consider this carefully because it's important to distinguish your dream home from the one that actually meets your needs. Before you begin your search, take the time to consider your needs thoroughly.
  • 09:15 15/11/2013
    Whether you're buying or selling, there are a few key questions to ask an agent before saying, "You're hired." Before hiring a real estate agent, make sure to ask these questions:
  • 16:52 11/10/2013
    When starting out in life as a young professional, the question often arises whether to buy a home or rent while establishing a career, says Michael Bauer, managing director of the estate agents IHPC. The first questions to ask, said Bauer, is how long the current employment contract is likely to last and would a transfer to another town or province be likely in the near future?
  • 09:14 02/10/2013
    With the extension of the first-time home buyer tax credit, many homebuyers are back in the market. The low interest rates, tax credit, and low property values make this the ideal time to buy a home. But with the added number of foreclosures, the homes currently for sale also have a greater range of physical conditions. For the first time home buyer, this process can easily be overwhelming, but these 5 tips should help.
  • 16:18 24/09/2013
    It's not uncommon for a first-time home buyer to say to me, "Gosh, just last week I called you about buying a home and now I'm in escrow! How did this happen so fast?"
  • 15:31 24/09/2013
    Housing transaction always relates to big amount of money, simultaneously many risks can happen to both buyers and sellers leading to unsuccessful transactions and wasted money…