Real estate millionaire reveals 12 things home buyers should avoid
28/05/2018 11:35 | Source: Vnexpress
According to self-made property millionaire Gill Fielding, you should not buy homes located near fastfood stalls, schools, large roads or low lying areas.

Gill Fielding has recently shared her experiences in making the right decision to buy a property. She wrote: "After more than 30 years as a property investor, the purchasing choice has become almost instinctive to me. The principle is to avoid buying any property which is going to be difficult to let to good quality and long-term tenants, or difficult to re-sell."

Too much noise
Noone wants too much noise, so when choosing a property to buy, remember to avoid local nightclubs, neighbours who usually yell, and the end of airport runways.

Small,  restricted rooms 
Tiny rooms make a tenant feel closed in and sometimes claustrophobic and uncomfortable. Everyone wants to be able to swing a cat in their room. Tenants will be happier if they feel they have space to breathe, so try to provide them enough space with good ventilation.

Dirty, rundown areas 
Homes at such areas make people feel vulnerable and threatened. You will also face difficults if you want to re-sell in future. 

Major roads
Large roads being too close can be very noisy and positively dangerous for young family with little kids. 

Real estate millionaire reveals 12 things home buyers should avoid
Avoid noisy places, schools and low laying areas. Photo: Aussie 

Apartments above fast food outlets
If your apartment is too close to fast food outlets, nasty aromas at certain times of the day may annoy your life.  In addition, food rubbish may encourage cockroaches and even rats.

Property with structural problems
Structural issues in any property will always drain cash and will always take longer to resolve. Therefore, never think of buying a property with such challenges. 

Property situated in a commercial or retail area 
It may be convenient for yoru daily shopping, but also be noisy and hustle. Besides, tt will be difficult for you to resell. 

Low lying areas
The local Cadastral Office has maps showing which areas have lower terrain and are frequently flooded. You need to find out carefully to avoid buying these areas.

Environmental issues 
To protect your health, never buy property located near incinerators, pylons, phone masts, aerials, landfill sites and so on.

A school next door
Living in a house located near school, you may get troubles during peak hours, when parents come to pick up children, causing traffic jam. Whether you have little kids or not, you should consider this potential trouble before deciding to buy a home. 

Properties that require other planning consents 
An important principle for choosing properties is picking areas that can be easily and quickly sold. You will avoid unnecessary troubles.