Should we buy home in Ghost month?
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The 7th Lunar month, known as the Ghost month in traditional beliefs, may not be the best time to purchase a new home. However, with the change of home buyer’s perspective on the matter in recent years and various incentives programs offered, more and more people are buying homes at this time of the year.y home in Ghost Month?

The 7th Lunar month, which is the Ghost month or Rainy month in some Asian countries’ culture, is when ghost and spirits come out of the lower realm, thus, may not be the best time to make big decisions like purchasing a new home or a wedding due to bad luck. The folklore perspective related to the matter hasn’t made as a strong impact on the real estate market as it is a few years ago.

Numerous incentives

Not as cautious as many people are, Mai, a woman lives in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, had decided to purchase a new home in the 7th Lunar month for incentives. Mai said she and her husband had saved up a small amount and seeked for a home in the middle-priced segment, located right on the Lang Ha street, Ba Dinh district.

After spending days searching, she finally made the decision and bought the home in the Ghost month to get incentive policies including 2-year free car parking, 1-year free gym service, and a discount of 2 percent. 

buy home in Ghost monthbuying home in Ghost month
Home buyers are now less cautious on buying a home in the Ghost month

In fact, in recent years, the Lunar July has been no longer a long break for real estate brokers. Many buyers even took advantage of buying real estate at this time to benefit incentives program. Regardless of the lower sales compared to other time of the year, real estate businesses are still busy with queues of home buyers.

According to the brokers, home buyers who make home payment in the 7th Lunar month gain more benefit from the massive incentives program, which offers up to 5 percent discount of home value, free furniture, or even a free trip aboard.

Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, said the Ghost month taboo is losing its effect on the sale as the market size gradually grows bigger. In recent years, real estate transactions in the 7th Lunar month are not too different from the previous months, caused by both buyers' psychology change and attractive sales programs from sellers. Developers also allow home buyers to make a deposit or delay on signing the contract in addition to the incentives of the Lunar July.

What do Feng Shui experts say about the Ghost month taboo?

In terms of Feng Shui, an expert of the field, Thien Thanh said people need to pay more attention to the direction of the house and its front door rather than the time of purchasing it. The initial procedure of buying a home only require to sign the sale contract, which does not affect in term of the spiritual world, the same goes for "buy-to-invest" houses. 

“People commonly refer the 7th Lunar month to the Ghost month, but it does not mean “bad luck” in my opinion. The 7th Lunar month is also the Yulan month, in which our deceased ancestors will come to guide and bless us. The term “Ghost month” is only a saying of a few, like people in the South region of Vietnam never place banana on the altar, believing it would bring bad luck. Buying a house and moving to a new house are two different things and should not be mixed. If you have the budget, then buy the house, but only moving in on the right day after checking the Feng Shui”, Thien Thanh explained. 

In the same view, folk culture researcher Nguyen Hung Vi said that to be psychologically assured, people can have a belief but should not be too superstitious. According to Vi, it is impossible for the superstition to affect life, it can only be considered as “a spice for life”. Moreover, bad days or good days are only people’s conceptions and Buddhism has no taboo for the 7th Lunar month.