Should we spend more money to buy corner apartments?
27/08/2016 15:56 | Source: VTC News
Compared to normal units, most of apartments at the corners of floor have higher liquidity. Thanks to advantages in ventilation, light and view, these corner units are preferred by home buyers. However, they still has some drawbacks.


Normally, corner apartments are not square because of the general architecture of the building. Especially in buildings with unique shapes like semicircle or polygon, the design of interior in corner units is more difficult. 

Besides, bedrooms of corner units usually have windows. But these windows are not soundproof to prevent noise from outside. Therefore, owners need to replace them by soundproof materials to keep natural light and quietness for bedrooms of their corner apartments.  

With apartments located at the Western corner, owners also need to arrange lots of plants at balcony to keep cool, fresh space for living room and dining table. In order ensure safety and privacy as well as reduce direct sunlight into the apartments, some owners add mist net on thier balconies.  

If you really prefer corner apartments, you’d better choose unit at Southeast corner. At this corner, your home is cool in summer and warm in winter. Units at Western corner are hotter in summer because they absorb more heat from sunshine.