How to get high return in real estate investment?
29/11/2018 20:32 | Source: Vnexpress
Tran Khanh Quang, Chairman of the Association for Real Estate Cafe, revealed some secrets of minimizing risks, optimizing profits in real estate investment.

According to Quang, two of the top targets of real estate investmers are high interest and low risk. Although in fact, there is no 100% safe investment, there are still some secrets of success. The expert pointed out 4 ways to invest in real estate for the highest returns.

Invest with pre-orders

A safe and effective way is to invest in assets with long-term pre-orders or preferred rental assets. With this type of investment, investors not only have a stable source of income, but also do not worry about the risk of capital backlog. With real estate, tenants usually order premises with facades or convenient locations, long term contract, good rental rates for setting up offices, cafes, schools, workshops, etc.

How to get high return in property investment?

Hunt for profitable products

Before choosing any product to buy, investors should spend time surveying, hunting and selecting products with the most competitive prices. These hunts can help investors buy products that are 5-10% lower than the market price, even cheaper if the negotiation skill is good. Some feasible scenarios includes inherited property, land for urgent sale, assets purchased at low prices, real estate that have never been traded, etc.

Add value to the property

In addition to location, value of the property can be added if the house or land plot is “made over” to be more eye catching. Investors should clean the house, fence the land plot, clear boundaries or put some trees on it. These added values will make customers more satisfied, contributing to gaining more profit.

Purchase agricultural land planned for residential use

When buying agricultural land planned for residential use, located near real estate projects, the prices will be 30-40% lower than the market price. However, this purchase will take quite long time, at least 3-6 months to complete legal procedures. But this wait will be worthwhile when value of the property increases.