Three tips to save time and cut your home moving stress
31/10/2018 20:27 | Source: Freshhome
Home moving is surely a hassle. Luckily, a little preparation work can mean the difference between a minor headache and an all-out life takeover.

The key to a successful move is getting set up before the movers arrive. Here are three key things you can do to save time when moving.

Tips to save time and reduce your home moving stress

1. Check around before you buy packing materials

Don’t invest too much in packing materials, it may costs you more than money. Think about the time you spend picking them up and the time you spend taping boxes together. That’s enough of a hassle, but you also have to factor in time on the other side of the move. You know those pesky piles of cardboard and newspaper that accumulate as you unpack? It can take a whole afternoon to get rid of them.

Just use what you already have. Don’t pack up bedding; use it to pad fragile items. Laundry baskets come in handy, especially if you’re making multiple trips between your old and new place, since they’re easy to load up and lug. Instead of buying and constructing a wardrobe box, grab a trash bag from under your sink. 

2. Change your address in the easiest way

Updating your address  is one of the most annoying parts of relocating. It can take time to get everything changed over and, all too often, you won’t remember that last account until months later. Reduce the headache of missing your mail by updating your address with the USPS.

3. Prepare a go bag

Before you pack anything else, pack a bag with everything you’ll need on night one in your new place. You’re probably going to be tired when you finally settle in for that first night. Nothing’s worse than thinking you were done with the major task of moving, only to discover you have no idea which box holds the stuff you need to finally climb into bed.

Toothbrush? Check. Phone charger? Check. Will you be sleeping on an air mattress? Throw in sheets and a pump. Will you need to eat? A few granola bars can keep hangry feelings at bay. Place the bag strategically in your car and leave it somewhere you can easily access when you get to your new home or apartment. Just like that, you’ve eliminated one of the biggest moving stress.