• 12:08 08/10/2019
    Leasing houses has been an attractive investment in big cities as it makes a stable income out of existing assets. However, to minimize the potential risks, landlords should pay attention to the following tips.
  • 17:45 27/08/2019
    By cause of the rising number of expats in Vietnam, the lease market for foreigners has significantly expanded in recent years. However, foreign tenants and their landlords should consider the following legal advice to avoid unwanted risk.
  • 17:54 30/10/2018
    Owning a rental property can become a nightmare if you have bad tenants. How to avoid it? Pick the best tenants you possibly can.
  • 18:30 24/10/2018
    Sometimes you think you rent out your property to the right people, but once they’ve moved in, it seems like you’re dealing with entirely new ones.
  • 16:40 31/10/2017
    According to real estate expert Nguyen Hong Hai, many people mistakenly think that renting rooms is an easy investment without any risk. He points out 4 unexpected factors that every investor should know to avoid risks when investing in rental rooms.
  • 16:01 23/06/2017
    Specifying purpose of use and the number of tenants, asking for security deposit,...can help lower risk when renting out your investment property.
  • 14:10 19/08/2015
    Just sitting back and collecting the rents are not enough to become a successful landlord. It takes a little more effort with certain responsibilities.
  • 16:06 19/01/2015
    Whether the lease or rental agreement is as short as one page or longer than five, typed or handwritten, it needs to cover the basic terms of the tenancy. Here are some of the most important items to cover in your lease or rental agreement.
  • 13:13 27/12/2014
    Every landlord’s dream is a tenant who never has any complaints, looks after the property they are living in and always pays their rent on time. Unfortunately, not all tenants fit this description, but you can increase your chances of finding a good match by following the tips in this guide.
  • 14:31 17/09/2014
    If you are looking for someone who shares the same room with you, think about these tips:
  • 17:55 11/09/2014
    What can we do to rent an office with affordable price, suitable location and adaptive services in this economic time?
  • 08:17 28/08/2014
    Finding a good place to live is not easy. It depends a lot on renters’ negotiation. These are 4 tips for finding a right spot and negotiating the lowest rent.
  • 10:59 22/08/2014
    Real Estate on the Cheap: The market generally favors landlords, but a renter can cut costs through creative negotiating and smart budgeting.
  • 10:18 15/11/2013
    For all you landlords out there, here are a few handy tips from us
  • 17:11 11/10/2013
    If you're thinking about selling your house, but currently have tenants renting it out, you may well be confused about where to start.
  • 16:35 24/09/2013
    The difficulty in preparing a residential property to win over a tenant is that every tenant has different needs and wants. Tenants who are students will most likely prefer locations which are near to their schools, while tenants who are families with young children will prefer a neighbourhood with playgrounds, parks and other amenities which would provide for a suitable environment for their children to grow up in.