4 tips for getting a good house on rent
28/08/2014 08:17 | Source:
Finding a good place to live is not easy. It depends a lot on renters’ negotiation. These are 4 tips for finding a right spot and negotiating the lowest rent.

1.    Research

Before negotiating, don’t forget to look around for as much information as possible. Monitor possible areas complying with your budget. Also, check if there is any possible disadvantage when living there. Once you have found the places you might want, comparing the prices and amenities will help you to find a good house.



2.    Be flexible

In many cases, for tenants who want to rent a house for long, the landlords will lower the rent. The reason is simple. Homeowners may want to have a long-term contract to reduce the time and cost to find a new renter. Besides, don’t forget to ask for other amenities such as free parking, new wall painting or available furniture. If you don’t ask, your landlord may take it for granted that you don’t need them. 

3.    Show your trustworthiness

All landlords look for trustworthy tenants. Showing up with a dirty car or sport trousers can make them think you are not clean or won’t pay the rent at due. Dress politely and show your trustworthiness and you will easily persuade the homeowner. 

Flaunt your good credit with a stable job and a high salary. If you’re jobless or don’t have a good financial state, the landlords will find it risky to lend you their homes. 

4.    Do not fight

Never underestimate the strength of kindness and respect. Your potential landlord is a person and of course he expects you to be kind. Fighting brings no good sigh to price negotiation. Be respectful and polite and it will help you to get outstanding results. 

More importantly, a negotiation will not be easily successful without satisfying both sides. Therefore, be never selfish. Brisk what you want and negotiate flexibly.