Guide to find the right tenants
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Owning a rental property can become a nightmare if you have bad tenants. How to avoid it? Pick the best tenants you possibly can.

In fact, many landlords have already experienced the tenants from hell. In many cases, it may be daily calls to fix broken glass or unexplained holes in the walls. Some tenants are truly unpleasant enough to make owing a rental property become a long nightmare. The best way to avoid that future is finding the right tenants, although it is not as esay as it sounds. 

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Here are some tips for you to pick the right tenants:  

Take care of your house

Firstly, think of who you attract to your property. A good property in good condition should attract a good tenant. Of course, you don’t need a million-dollar house in a premium location to lure the best tenant. In fact, a bright, airy and clean property with basic furniture is a good start for your track.

Have your blinkers on

When you have more than two applications and try to pick the best tenant among them, carefully read between the lines. Ask the potential tenants about their leasing history. Think carefully before signing a lease contract with someone who has rented five different houses in only 12 months.  It is necessary to check the financial status of your future tenants. You should know basically about their current employment status. This is the best way to avoid late payment due to their “temporary” financial difficulties in the future. If possible, you can contact to previous landlords to know more.  

Go with your gut

In case you have a bad feeling about an applicant for your property, don’t hesitate to move on to the next one. Having no tenant in your property is better than a tenant from hell. If you don’t need to rent your property immediately, waiting for the right tenant is a good idea.