• 09:48 25/10/2019
    Selling home with help from a real estate agent is the ultimate option of many home sellers to promote a fast, smooth sale with a higher price. The following infographic shows the specific benefits you could get when you sell your home with an agent.
  • 12:01 27/09/2019
    In fact, reasonable investments in home improvement and repair can significantly increase the value of a home when it is sold. However, do you know which improvements should be focused to achieve the highest value and avoid losses? The infographic below will tell you.
  • 13:35 25/09/2019
    Home buyers or sellers normally face many difficulties and obstacles that need time and effort to overcome. To save time, avoid risks and make the purchase faster and smoother, most people hire real estate agents for effective advice and assistance.
  • 15:47 07/09/2019
    Every seller wants his homes to be sold smoothly and quickly with the highest possible price. However, there are still houses which have been listed on the market for months without any potential buyer because the sellers make one, or maybe more, of the following popular mistakes:
  • 14:12 26/08/2019
    Finding a home that satisfies all your requirement has been a difficult task, but for many people, selling home is even more difficult. Lots of sellers have to sell their homes at a cheaper price than they expected before and accept a loss. To avoid being troubled with the sale and make it faster, follow guides in the Infographic below for the best preparation before selling your home.
  • 17:22 20/08/2019
    Business Insider asked real-estate agents across the U.S., and they point out 11 reason that prevent your home from being sold.
  • 15:33 23/02/2019
    Home selling can be an emotional process, so don’t make it even tougher by letting your emotions run the process. Make sure that you don’t fall into any of these four of the most common home selling mistakes.
  • 18:43 22/02/2019
    If you make a mistake during the listing process, you might end up getting less than your home is worth or find that it takes significantly longer to sell your home than it should.
  • 17:50 22/02/2019
    When you are confident that your home does not need any major repairs that will stop a buyer’s home inspection, you can focus on easy updates to make your home more attractive to buyers.
  • 09:16 21/02/2019
    You are preparing your home for sale? Don’t forget to make some small repairs since they can make a big difference both in terms of interest levels and offer prices for the home.
  • 11:23 30/11/2018
    Want to sell a house but do not know how to sell it quickly? Some suggestions below may help you sell property faster.
  • 11:21 30/11/2018
    For many people, home is the biggest investment. However, not many of them know about value of a home and things that can ruin it such as bad decorations, noisy neighbors or an unfortunately-placed sinkhole.
  • 17:58 28/11/2018
    Your home’s value will not be added when you try to take care of your garden, gilded handles in bathroom or swimming pool. In fact, home buyers pay attention to more useful items.
  • 20:12 31/10/2018
    As a home seller, everyone wants to sell their home quickly at the highest price. Five simple tips below can help you.
  • 18:46 30/10/2018
    Every home seller wants to sell it fast and reach as many buyers as possible. Here are some tips to make your listing stand out to potential buyers from the crowd.
  • 18:42 30/10/2018
    What’s keeping your house from finding its next owner? In order to speed up the selling process, consider every little thing like clutter in the house.
  • 18:54 29/10/2018
    Lots of people sell their current home at the same time as buying a new one, forming a property chain. Selling before you buy has risks, but it can also have great advantages.
  • 15:26 16/05/2018
    London’s leading real estate agents Daniel Cobb have revealed top 10 simple tricks to add values to your home and sell it faster, The Sun reported.
  • 16:04 17/10/2017
    Paint your home blue before selling it, as the color brings a sense of peace, softness. Many people love blue and it may help you sell home more quickly.
  • 11:57 12/09/2015
    Normally, you put your property on the market but the estate agent is the one who actually sells it to buyers. It is a critical decision to choose the right agent and protect you from any future trouble. The questions below may help you.