Avoid four most common mistakes of home sellers
23/02/2019 15:33 | Source: Freshome
Home selling can be an emotional process, so don’t make it even tougher by letting your emotions run the process. Make sure that you don’t fall into any of these four of the most common home selling mistakes.

Letting your ego run negotiation

In home selling, negotiations can be emotionally taxing, especially when buyers try to sneak in low-ball offers. Sometimes, it’s only natural to get a little frustrated. However, when you let your ego take over during negotiations, it can be a recipe for disaster. You may end up passing over or talking yourself out of an offer that would ultimately satisfy your end goal – selling your home. Figure out what your priorities are for the sale, whether it’s a bottom line sale price or a certain settlement date, and focus on that. Any offer that gets close to satisfying that priority is worth negotiating. Ensure that you’re willing to both give and take.

Skimping on photographs

Four most common mistakes of home sellers
Good photographs are very important in home selling

Photographs are what get potential buyers in your door. They are the first impression that potential buyers get of your home when they’re looking at listings online. Unfortunately, even if your home looks great in person, if it’s captured with bad photos, it won’t even get a second glance. Lots of potential buyers will pass it over for more photogenic properties, even if your home is ultimately a better deal. Just go ahead and invest in a professional so you can rest easy knowing you can count on a job well done.

Pricing too high

Most of buyers think their houses are worth their weight in gold. When it comes time to sell, however, it’s important to realize that sentimental value is not the same as fair market value. If you price your home too high, you risk just sitting on the market. The fact is, the way listing searches work these days, buyers are shown homes within a certain range of prices. You need to be in the right range in order to appeal to qualified buyers who will be interested in your home.

Forgetting to stage before showings

Getting out the door before a showing is . However, if you leave clutter on counters and dirty dishes in the sink, potential buyers may not be able to see past the mess to get a true sense of your home. Ideally, before showings, your home should look staged and newly cleaned in order to leave the best impression possible.