Don’t hope these things will help your home appeal buyers
28/11/2018 17:58 | Source: Vnexpress
Your home’s value will not be added when you try to take care of your garden, gilded handles in bathroom or swimming pool. In fact, home buyers pay attention to more useful items.

Australian home improvement expert Cherie Barber has unveiled details that do not add value to the home in the eyes of potential buyers.

Home buyers pay attention to more useful items rather than some things like garden,
gilded handles in bathroom 

1. Items that do not really matter

Items such as spa baths, gilded handles... do not add value to your home in the buyer’s eyes. "Normal buyers tend to favor more practical items," said Cherie Barber.

Therefore, you don’t need to cover your floors with carpets, or buy sparkling faucets, install sophisticated lighting system. Instead, you should improve your house with more important, useful items.

2. Landscape around the house

Instead of pouring a lot of money into gardening, paving stone or making path, you should just make them neat and tidy. The monthly cost of maintaining them is not small.

3. DIY items

DIY, handmade things like paintings, curtains are interesting to you, but to the potential buyers, they may think that back of the item is a bad wall... So, before renovating furniture in your house, you should ask an expert.

4. Swimming pool

Many home owners invest heavily in swimming pools. But for some potential buyers, swimming pools are not important things they want in a new house. Some of them are even concerned about cost of maintaining a swimming pool.

5. Major repairs

Before selling your home, you should review every single detail, such as repairing broken corners. But if you want to fix everything, you should calculate carefully, as major repairs are costly.