Remove clutter to sell your house faster
30/10/2018 18:42 | Source: Freshhome
What’s keeping your house from finding its next owner? In order to speed up the selling process, consider every little thing like clutter in the house.

In daily life, small items gathered on the counters in your kitchen or the nightstand in your bedroom might not seem like a huge matter. However, when you are trying to sell your house, potential buyers normally want to be able to picture themselves in the home. Clutter could be the thing preventing your potential buyers from envisioning themselves in the space. So, remove clutter in every room to give them a clean space, and your home could be sold quickly.

Remove clutter to sell your house faster 1

Banish clutter in living room

Imagine when a potential buyer is trying to picture themselves getting comfortable in the room, what clutter could be keeping your home from selling? Maybe those stacks of magazines by the couch or that array of books and remotes on the tea table? In addition, there might be places where you can’t just remove the clutter but replace it with something else like fresh flowers and candles, which are relatively low-cost options to help you fill in any gaps. 

Clear counters in kitchen

A family can survive without getting much use out of their living room or even skip the dining room for a while, but a kitchen needs to work. Therefore, it’s hard to keep kitchen counters clear. You might use your counters as storage space for appliances or larger serving dishes. Your children might always have snacks out. But if you have a buyer coming by, it’s time to get those counters cut.

Make sure that when they get to your house, your kitchen counters are almost completely clean and clear. Fresh flowers or a fruit bowl are good ideas. While you’re at it, cut aromatic clutter, too. Before your potential buyer arrives, put a simmer pot on the stove to clear away odors and leave your kitchen smelling fantastic.

Remove clutter in bedroom

Don’t forget your bedroom! This can be a tricky place to clear. Although your potential buyer probably won’t look in every single kitchen cabinet, many of them very likely to check out the closets in bedrooms. That’s why it is important to think through clearing your bedroom early. 

Try to minimize what’s on your nightstands and make sure the bedding looks neat and tidy. In addition, if you get some pillows or blankets that are more for comfort than style, tuck them under more fashionable layers of bedding or find an alternate place for them befor the potential buyers come.