Some updates to sell your home faster
22/02/2019 17:50 | Source: Freshome
When you are confident that your home does not need any major repairs that will stop a buyer’s home inspection, you can focus on easy updates to make your home more attractive to buyers.

Paint your door

A nicely-painted front door is a buyer favorite. A beautiful front door is an important part of your home’s exterior charm and a complement to your accessories.


Remove clutter

It’s easy to walk right by outdoor clutter if it’s been there for a while. Clear your yard and porch of items like old shoes, dead plants or gardening tools. This is a great time to pressure wash everything, including your driveway and porch.

Small updates to sell your home faster

Update accessories

A new doormat is an inexpensive and quick update for your porch. Is it time for a new wreath, or to add one for the first time? Tired or out-of-season decor makes buyers think that your home has been on the market a while. Keep accessories timeless so that your photos won’t look dated if a holiday passes while you get your home ready to sell.

Add art or a mirror on your wall

Whether you have a foyer or just a simple entryway, wall art creates a definition of space. Mirrors can open up and brighten a smaller foyer. A table or shelf beneath any wall art is another quick upgrade for your foyer and the prefect place for a colorful accessory or two.

Make room for a bench

Putting a bench, with space for shoes beneath it, near the front door can be a major hit with buyers. A dedicated space to remove shoes when entering tells buyers that you cared about your home and took good care of it.