Top 10 mistakes when selling your house
24/09/2013 12:03 | Source:
All of us want to sell houses with the highest price; however, let’s avoid top 10 popular mistakes as follow:

1. Home is priced too high?
Setting the sale price too high on your property can backfire by reducing the number of interested buyers. When you are selling your house, take care not to set a price that is distinctly higher than similar listings in your area. Even when you find a potential buyer but the real value of your house is not as expensive as your appreciation, they will not receive support or cannot handle money. Let search recent transactions for all similar houses surrounding your house. If your house is on the market for a long time, the brokers and buyers will wonder if there is any serious problem with your house.
2. Your house is not beautiful
Your house can compete with new modern houses with preferences of the investor and full futilities as well? The most beautiful but old houses also need redecorate to lure potential buyers. Normally, simple painting color and tidy will help your house more attractive.
3. Your house is not clean and tidy. 
Finding a new house while selling your old one does not mean that you ignore your old house in a mess. Buyers will not choose your house and give a low appreciation.
4. Seriously compete with other buyers
On seller’s market, your house will be quickly sold. By contrast, on buyer’s market, low sales and the increasing number of houses on the market. Buyers can buy a house with an affordable price. 
5. Drive buyers away by your selling strategy
Buying a house is a big investment decision therefore it will take a lot of time to think of and evaluate. Ensure that your realtor is decisive but gentle. Always answer buyer’s questions in a friendly way. 
6. Do not discard unpotential buyers
Try to identify potential buyers. There are many buyers who do not have the real demand. Focus on potential ones and have a formal decision. 
An experienced real estate broker will help you identify potential buyers.
7. Do not read contract and fully understand your rights as well as responsibilities.
Ensure that you carefully read the contract before signing. Please ask if you do not understand anything. Take the advices from your realtor and attorney if necessary. Important information may not be clear in the contract. It is good for you to properly understand all responsibilities and rights during selling procedure. 
8. Accepting the first offer
Do not accept the first offer (unless it is beyond your expectation) just because you want to complete everything quickly. You can skip better opportunities!
9. Renting an inexperienced real estate broker
An inexperienced real estate broker can make everything in turmoil. Let rent a broker who can represent for your best rights. 
The most popular mistakes which the seller often copes with as choosing a real estate broker is deciding to opt for a broker without thinking; choose a broker as they agree with all your conditions; do not take advices from previous sellers or choose a broker with the lowest cost…
10. Do not apply the new cutting edge technology to simplify the selling procedure
Most of the sellers- especially high income ones often surf the internet to search houses. The best brokers will use all sources to post listing. Therefore, get a habit of surfing the internet to check your listing.