Da Nang government calls for investment in IT park
06/08/2019 17:52 | Source: Vietnamnews
Local authorities are seeking investment in the Da Nang Information Technology Park (DITP), with a focus on four areas of software products, digital content products, IT services, and hardware products and services.

Regarding the production of software products, priority are given to attracting investment in DITP with software products related to system software, application software, software for programming development, utility software and information security software.

For digital content products, the local authorities will prioritise investment in e-learning products (e-books, electronic textbooks and e-lectures), electronic dictionaries, online dictionaries, electronic games on computers and mobile devices, and online games.

Da Nang IP park

For IT services, the city government expects to lure investment in consulting and design services, system administration, ICT human resource leasing, data processing and analysis, electronic business process outsourcing, information security monitoring and information security assessment.

Meanwhile, in field of hardware products and services, it should be relevant to the technology of designing and manufacturing integrated circuits, design and manufacture of telecommunications technology equipment, and design, assembly and manufacture of audio-visual equipment.

The first phase of DITP was inaugurated in March this year. It is also Vietnam’s largest centralised information technology centre, being built as the country's ‘Silicon Valley’ with total investment of $120 million in two phases.

Developed by Trung Nam Group, the IT park will be open to its first investors from the second quarter of 2019 with the aim of creating more opportunities for IT investors flocking to Da Nang by 2023.

It is expected to create revenue of $1.5 billion each year, with 25,000 jobs and a satellite city of 100,000 people.